Online and Face-to-Face Counselling Therapy in Carlisle

Are you looking for counselling therapy in Carlisle or across the UK online? Do you need counselling to help with your emotional and psychological wellbeing?

Counselling therapy can help you work through your experiences and gain a better understanding of yourself.

The counselling therapy service offers a confidential ** and safe space to foster mental health and wellbeing. I am an integrated counsellor and tailor my counselling approach to the individual. I can support clients with specific presentations including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, work-related stress, bereavement, phobias, addiction, anger management and emotional regulation.

Please contact me by the therapy e-mail address below to enquire about counselling.

Are you looking to focus your attention and calm your mind?

Mindfulness training and practice can be a solution to a ‘busy mind’. This is a problem of infrequent periods of calm. I am able to provide mindfulness coaching to both individuals and groups. Find out more here.

Please contact me by the e-mail address below to enquire about mindfulness classes.

“I have navigated the most difficult period of my life and I will forever be grateful to you.

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