Mindfulness Classes

The method of delivery can take various forms. And so for example, a course over several sessions or a single session event. I am particularly focused on making mindfulness a part of daily life and routine; and so not just about sitting and meditating. It is possible to mindfully work, eat, walk and exercise.


a meditation technique that is centuries old, based on the normal workings of our mind when calm


by focusing on the present, the basic sensory experiences – we make space for our inner self


we don’t need to think as much as we do and can concentrate more by thinking less, focusing more on the present – thus calming the mind


courses can be 1 hour weekly for four weeks or a 2 hour intensive; plus short taster and top up sessions


at your office, community centre or practice; somewhere reasonably quiet but no need for complete silence


groups up to 12

Please contact me by e-mail if you would like me to hold a mindfulness group class at your venue.

If you are looking to participate as an individual in a mindfulness class, please check the homepage or news posts.